7th Irish Criminology Conference 2011,
IT Sligo

 7 th Irish criminology conference 2011 organisers

The Organisers for the 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference are Dr. Liam Leonard and Dr. Paula Kenny of the School of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo. Both are Lecturers in Criminology, Sociology and Human Rights at IT Sligo. Details below:

Postgraduate Supervision: http://sligocriminologyresearch.webs.com/

Both Dr. Leonard and Dr. Kenny are available to supervise Masters and PhD thesis in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Rights and Sociology:

Dr. Liam Leonard:

Guest Editor: The Prison Journal Irish Issue: http://tpj.sagepub.com/content/91/1.toc


Dr. Liam Leonard is a Lecturer in Criminology, Human Rights and Sociology at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Dr. Leonard was conferred with a PhD by the NUI, and formerly worked as a Lecturer in Sociology & Politics at NUIG. He is a Committee Member of the Sociology Association of Ireland, the Editor of the Advances in Ecopolitics book series with Emerald UK, and the Founder and Senior Editor of the Journal of Social Criminology.

Dr. Leonard has been active on the conference scene in the areas of sociology, criminology and environmental justice in recent years, and is the author of a number of books with a focus on Environmental Justice, such as The Environmental Movement in Ireland (2008, Springer), The Transition to Sustainable Living (2009 Emerald), Environmental Movements & Waste Infrastructure (2010, Routledge) and Global Ecological Politics (2010, Emerald).

His latest book, co-authored with Paula Kenny, is titled Sustainable Justice and the Community (2011, Emerald). He is guest editor for 2011 editions of the Prison Journal and Irish Journal of Sociology.

Dr. Leonard's publications page: http://www.liamleonard.blogspot.com/

Dr. Paula Kenny:


Dr. Paula Kenny is Lecturer in Criminology, Human Rights and Social Policy at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Paula is a graduate of UCD, and has recently completed a PhD on Restorative Justice in Ireland. She has formerly worked with IPA, UCD and TCD.

Paula has presented to a number of national and international criminology and sociology conference, including The North/South Irish Criminology, The European Group for the Study of Deviance & Social Control,  the SAI, NAIRTL, the UK Social Policy Assoc. and the British/Irish European Group conference.

Paula has contributed to the White Paper on Crime Series and co-authored a  book with Liam Leonard, titled Sustainable Justice and the Community (2011, Emerald). Paula is the Senior Editor for the Journal of Social Criminology http://www.socialcriminology.webs.com/







7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference June 21-23, 2011, IT Sligo

FREE REGISTRATION FOR CONFERENCE: To register for the Irish Criminology Conference at IT Sligo, go to the Eventbrite site link below and click the 'Register' button:


 VISIT OUR THE 7TH NORTH SOUTH IRISH CRIMINOLOGY CONFERENCE FACEBOOK PAGE AND HIT 'LIKE': http://www.facebook.com/pages/7th-North-South-Irish-Criminology-Conference/143693082359903

The 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference will be held at the Institute of Technology, Sligo between the 21st and the 23rd of June, 2011.

Contact Conference Organisers Liam Leonard at leonard.liam@itsligo.ie and Paula Kenny at kenny.paula@itsligo.ie________________________________________________________________________________________

Confirmed Speakers include:

Plenary Panel 1: Media & Crime: Dr. Ciaran McCullagh, and Paul Williams

Plenary Panel 3: Perpsectives on Prisons:  Dr. Paula Kenny, Dr. Azrini Wahidin and dr. Christina Quinlan

A Postgraduate Research Methods Workshop and Seminar with Dr. Brendan Halpin, Dr. Liam Leonard and Dr. Paula Kenny will be included as part of the event, alongside a Practitioner's Symposium.

Dr. Jamie Saris will give a talk on the old Sligo Asylum, now the site of the Clarion Hotel.


IT Sligo: www.itsligo.ie

Conference: www.irishcriminology7.webs.com



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