7th Irish Criminology Conference 2011,
IT Sligo

the  7 th north/south irish criminology conference




Welcome to the website for the 7th North/South Irish Criminology Conference, which  is being held in the School of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Republic of Ireland between the 21st and the 23rd of June 2011. For further information on the conference, please email Conference Organisers Liam Leonard at liam_leonard@yahoo.com or Paula Kenny at kenny.paula@itsligo.ie  by May 15 2011. There is no registration fee for this conference.                                                                                               


The interview can be heard here: http://media.newstalk.ie/listenback/46/monday/2/popup 
The interview can be accessed by clicking the Monday button, Part 2, at about 22.00 on the player, and runs for about 8 minutes.

REGISTRATION FOR CONFERENCE: To register for the Irish Criminology Conference at IT Sligo, go to the Eventbrite site link below and click the 'Register' button:



Confirmed Speakers: 

Prof. Charl Cilliers is a professor in Penology at the University of South Africa.  He has conducted research, presented professional papers, and published books, chapters in books, articles in scientific journals in the areas of Penology, Victimology, CriminologyCriminal Procedure. He has served on the South African Law Commission


 Roundtable discussion on Coercive Confinement in Irish History with Ian O'Donnell (UCD), Eoin O'Sullivan (TCD) and David Doyle (TCD)


 Dr. Rosemary Gido (editor of the Prison Journal, author of Turnstile Justice), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, US:

Dr. Ciaran McCullagh (author of Crime in Ireland ), Univ. College Cork, Rep. Ireland 


Dr. Paula Kenny, (co-author of Sustainable Justice & the Community ) and conference co-organiser, gave a plenary paper on Human Rights and training in the Irish prison system at the 7th Irish Criminology Conference as apart of the Gender and Prisons plenary. Dr. Kenny is a Lecturer in Human Rights, Criminology and Sociology in IT Sligo and on the Custodial Care Programme.


 Dr. Azrini Wahidin, (author of Older Women in the Criminal Justice System; co-editor of Understanding Prison Staff), QUB, Northern Ireland:


Dr. Christina Quinlan, Dublin City University, (author of Ireland's Womens Prisons, Past & Present)         

'It’s different for girls’ Dr. Christina Quinlan: Abstract: In this paper I explore the experiences of imprisonment of women imprisoned in Ireland. I do this by revisiting some of the issues raised in my recent book on women’s imprisonment in Ireland. The book is ‘Inside, Ireland’s Women’s Prisons, Past and Present’ and it was published this year by Irish Academic Press. Currently, women are imprisoned in Ireland in two prisons, the Dóchas Centre, part of the Mountjoy Prison complex, and Limerick Prison, the oldest operating prison in the country. Both of these prisons are secure prisons and Limerick Prison operates a lock-up regime, whereby the women imprisoned there are locked in their cells for much of the day every day. The limited nature of the experiences of imprisonment provided in Ireland for women is considered in the paper, the ways in which women experience prison are considered, the crimes for which women are committed to prison are considered. The main argument presented is that women and men engage differently in criminality and women and men experience prison differently. My objective in presenting this argument here is, firstly, to encourage critical reflection on the imprisonment of women, and, secondly, to further stimulate debate around prisons and alternatives to them.

Dr. Jamie Saris (author of 'Asylums in Ireland') NUI Maynooth, Rep. Ireland: 

 Dr. Brendan Halpin, UL:


 Postgraduate Symposuim:

 Dr. Brendan Halpin, University of Limerick, Dr. Liam Leonard, IT Sligo and Dr. Paula Kenny, IT Sligo, will co-convene a seminar on Research Methodologies for Social Sciences and Justice Studies as part of the Postgraduate Research Symposuim on June 21st.


 Programme for the 7th Irish Criminology Conference 2011:


Day 1: 21st June, 10 - 11.30 Postgraduate Methodologies Workshop

Venue: C1004         

Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences  

Brendan Halpin, UL    

Research Methodologies in Criminology

Liam Leonard & Paula Kenny, IT Sligo     

21st June, 11.30-13.00  Postgraduate Research Papers

Venue: C1004         Chair:  Perry Share, IT Sligo

An Investigation into the training of Social Care Practitioners, Gardaí and Prison Officers

Maureen O'Hara, IT Sligo

Last Breath: Mandatory Death Penalty in a Modern Society, Is it a legitimate penalty for deterrence?

Jacinta Victor John, Griffith College Dublin

Young People and the Youth Justice System: The roles, expectations and resilience of parents

Maria Lahiff, DIT 

Are the aims of Restorative Conferencing lost on Juvenile Offenders?

Darren John McStravick, DCU

‘On brother where art thou’! – Examining the potential impact of Familial Searching on the DNA Debate

David O'Dwyer, UL

21st June, 13.00-13.45  Lunch:

Venue Student Centre (Wheats)         

21st June, 13.45-15.15  Practitioner Research Papers

Venue: C1004      Chair: Fergus Timmons, IT Sligo

Educational Interventions: Helping Victims of Crime Create Positive and Happier Emotions

Marcus Hopkins, IT Sligo/Humanising Conflict Group Therapeutic

PGISP and the Romanian Prison Service, Adrian Neagoe & Liliana Teodorovic 

Assessing Risk in Offending Youths Today, Susan Ni Chuileann, Carlow College

The Irish Contemporary Prison System: The view of the International Human Rights Bodies, Jane Mulcahy, IPRT

21st June, 15.30-16.15      Registration with Tea and Coffee 

Venue: Main Entrance in Reception Area

21st June, 16.15

16.30   Launch of 7th Criminology Conference           

Venue: A0006

With Prof. Terri Scott, President of IT Sligo, Perry Share, Head of Department of Humanities and Sean Aylward, Secretary General, Dept. of Justice and Guests with message from Marion Harkin MEP on Social Solidarity      

21st June, 16.30-17.45  Criminology Conference Day 1, Plenary 1

Venue: A0006        Chair: Sean Aylward, Dept. of Justice       

The realities of life imprisonment: The South African experience

Prof. Charl Cillier, Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa

21st June, 17.45-18.30 

Venue:  IT Sligo Art & Design Centre (Behind IT Sligo and Beside the Clarion Hotel

Prisoner Art Exhibition     

21st June, 19.30-21.30 

Venue: Clarion Hotel (Adjacent IT Sligo)

Conference Dinner at the Clarion Hotel, with Lecture on The Work of the Asylum: Labour, Therapy and Local Purpose        

Jamie Saris, NUIM    

Day 2: 

22nd June, 09.45-11.00 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 1A

Venue: C1004     Chair: Christina Quinlan, DCU           

Regimes in Irish prisons: ‘Inhumane’ and ‘degrading’. An analysis, and a solution

Kevin Warner,            UCD

Section 12 of the Immigration Act, 2004….and beyond

Caroline O'Nolan, TCD

22nd June, 09.45-11.00 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 1B

Venue: C1006   Chair: Marcus Hopkins, Humanising Conflict/IT Sligo 

US Reimagining Human Trafficking Victimization: Realizations through a Review of Fictional Film

Christine Ivie,   Univ. of Alabama, US

From the client through the group to society; Defending rights seriously against Prostitution and Human Trafficking

Charis Papacharalambous       Univ. of Cyprus

Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Challenges of Immigration in Africa

Osuagwu Ugochukwu, Barrister at Law/Nigeria

11.-11.15 Coffee,

Venue: Outside A0006

22nd June, 11.15-12.15 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 2

Venue: A0006         Chair: Liam Leonard/Paula Kenny, IT Sligo

Gender and Prisons

Rosemary Gido, Indiana Univ. Pennsylvania, US

Reflecting on Prison: How Narratives by Prisoners are situated in Prior Stories

Patricia O'Connor, Georgetown Univ. US    

22nd June, 12.15-13.15 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Roundtable

Venue: A0006         Chair: David Doyle, TCD 

Coercive Confinement in Irish History

Ian O'Donnell, UCD, Eoin O'Sullivan, TCD & David Doyle, TCD     

22nd June, 14.15-15.30  Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 3A

Venue: C1004            Chair: Chris Sparks, IT Sligo   

Youth & Crimes in Gujrat, Pakistan

Wajid Tahir, and Rubina Kauser, University of Gujrat, Pakistan

A Right to an Expert Witness in a Criminal Trial?

Aoife Beirne, TCD  

Coercive Intimidation – What should our response be?

Cliodhna Dineen, GCC

22nd June, 14.15-15.30  Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 3B

Venue: C1006       Chair: Mary Rogan, DIT

Shall the Sphinx Speak? : The Jury’s Unreasoned Verdict after Taxquet

Mark Coen, TCD

The dangers of dangerousness: mandatory sentencing policy in England and Wales

Paul Gavin, Kings College London, UK

Diminished Responsibility in Ireland since 2006: An Analysis of the Case Law

Louise Kennefick, UCC


Plenary: Contemporary Views of Prisons


Paula Kenny, IT Sligo; Azrini Wahidin, QUB, Christina Quinlan, DCU  

16.45.-17.00 Coffee,

Venue: Outside A0006

22nd June, 17.00-18.15 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 4A

Venue: C1006           Chair: Azrini Wahidin, QUB           

You can't punish the kids: The impact of familial imprisonment on children in Northern Ireland

Una Convery & Linda Moore, Ulster University

Displacement, Deflection, Diffusion and/or Competition in Illicit Drug Control

James Windle, Univ. of East London, UK 

Rethinking Societal Reaction Theory

Timo Harrikari, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland

22nd June, 17.00-18.15 Criminology Conference, Day 2, Session 4B

Venue: C1004          Chair: Charl Cilliers, University of Pretoria        

Restore or Replace? The role of chaplains in restorative justice

Peter Philips, Cardiff Univ. UK 

The Politics of Penal Change in Ireland: What makes things happen?

Mary Rogan, DIT

"Trying to do the best for young people and their communities - The
challenge of implementing 'evidence informed' youth justice in practice"

Sean Redmond, Dept. of Justice, Youth Justice Service

22nd June, 18.15-18.45 Criminology Conference, Day 2

Venue: C1005          

Poster Session and CSI Display

Fiona McArdle, IT Sligo, Tara Westby, IT Sligo, Forensic Science

Criminal Psychology, Daniel Bodusek, Ulster Univ. 

22nd June, 7.30-Onwards

Venue: The Belfry, Thomas St & John F Kennedy Parade, Sligo

Social event including dinner in the Belfry Bar, Sligo, with Presentation to Prof. Rosemary Gido, Editor of the Prison Journal, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, US, to mark her retirement and contribution to Criminology and Launch of Prison Journal edition on Irish Prisons

23rd June, 9.45-11.00 Criminology Conference Day 3, Session 1A

Venue: C1004         Chair:  Patricia O’Connor, Georgetown University            


A preliminary analysis of emergent models of professionalism in the Irish Prison Service

Perry Share & Fergus Timmons, IT Sligo  

Rating Hate - Who is the Victim in Hate Crimes Legislation?

Jennifer Schweppe, UL

Downloading as a manifestation of political disaffection & dissent

Grainne Ketelaar, LYIT

23rd June, 9.45-11.00 Criminology Conference, Day 3, Session 1B

Venue: C1006       Chair: Ciaran McCullagh, UCC

‘Tell us something we don’t know’ -­ the utility of biographical research in an evidence-­based world             

Nicola Carr, QUB

Tensions between Peacemaking Criminology & Transitional Constitutionalism

Susan Power, TCD & Griffith College, Cork

Coffee, Venue: Outside A0006

23rd June, 11.15-13.00 Criminology Conference, Day 3, Plenary Discussion 2

Venue: A0006        Chair: Liam Leonard/ Paula Kenny, IT Sligo

Media and Crime: Ciaran McCullagh, UCC, and  Paul Williams, Crime Editor, Author & Broadcaster


23rd June, 14.00-15.15  Criminology Conference, Day 3, Session 2A

Venue: C1004             Chair: Una Convery, UU


The Impact of the Conroy Commission on Commitment in An Garda Siochana

Vicky Conway,            QUB & Peter Manning, Northeastern Univ. US 

Prisons, Prisoners and Society – The Role of Shame in Prisoner Violence

Michelle Butler, QUB 

Disjointed Justice: A review of delay in criminal cases in Northern Ireland

James Corrigan, NI Criminal Justice Inspection


23rd June, 14.00-15.15  Criminology Conference, Day 3, Session 2A

Venue: C1006                   Chair: Nicola Carr, QUB


Republican political prisoners and the Irish language- Power, resistance and revival

Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh, QUB

Exploring Best Practice in Women’s Centre Provision: Challenges and Possibilities

Jacqueline Kerr, Univ. of Ulster

'A sleepy wee hollow' – IRA prisoners, resistance and power in the post 1981 H-Blocks

Deaglán Ó Mocháin, QUB            

23rd June, 15.15-15.30  Criminology Conference, Day 3, Conference Close, Liam Leonard & Paula Kenny Conference Organisers

Venue: A0006

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